Saturday, October 21, 2017

Science and Art

Our conference yesterday was filled with statistics, genetics, health data and science science science.  I loved it!  I felt like the statistics and science geek part of me was totally fulfilled. 
We had a fully packed conference room
This was a great lecture
An expert from OFA - so much to learn
We talked about genes and epigenetics - it was fascinating!
Let's turn those bad genes off - for canines and humans alike!
Once the day ended.....what to do?  I somehow managed to talk a large group into walking all the way to The Met.  Last night was "Late Night at The Met".  How could we pass up the largest Art Museum in the United States?!  Let's get walking. Time for Art!
Even the outside was BEAUTIFUL
Loved Egypt!
I could have spent hours here
The George Washington crossing the Delaware was SO much bigger than I imagined.
Loved it!
Courtyard of European Statues
Why Hello van Gogh
I love your paintings
Monet - Beautiful!
Degas - Ballerina
I loved the Medieval Wing!!!!!
The Armor of Henry the 8th
Science and Art Day!  
Thanks NYC!

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