Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy but Tired

Today's travels back home took a long time.  I left Annapolis 12 hours ago and just got in the door. I am tired.  Really tired but also really happy. My son and I had the best time last night and ended up watching two whole movies.  TWO!  Without interruptions!  It was awesome.  We left early this morning to go pick up my daughter from the Naval Academy and she was super happy as we had bagels and cream cheese waiting in the car for her.  We started our journey home and talked and laughed so hard that at times I had trouble seeing the road because I was laughing that hard. I don't know who was funnier my daughter or my son - or the dynamics of the two of them together.  It was just a good time. I think the Magic of Christmas must have been in the car because they actually took turns listening to their favorite music.  My son is a die hard country music fan and is under the delusion that our radio only holds ONE station - the country music station.  My daughter loves rap and also suffers from the delusion that our radio only has one station but her station is the hip-hop station.  You can see how divergent their music tastes are and it usually results in a lot of bickering and heated debates over which music is best.  Today however - it was all peace and happiness and kindness.  They took turns and were pleasant.  I even got a turn to listen to my music!  That really was a Christmas miracle!  When we finally arrived home the doggies were SO excited to see my daughter.  They were all wagging their tails so hard that their entire bodies were wagging. My daughter is always worried that the doggies will forget her but they never do.  They act like it is Christmas morning every time she comes home.  Happy dances fill the house as soon as they hear her voice.  I am doing a happy dance too.  My family is home. All is right with the world.

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