Friday, December 3, 2010

How About Now?

Last night I climbed into bed around 12:30am completely exhausted and ready for sleep. By 3:30 am this morning I was totally awake. Was I awake because I was feeling ever so refreshed? No.  Was I awake because I am some sort of super human that only needs 3 hours of sleep? No. Was I awake because I feel sleep is not wonderful and peaceful and restful? No again. I was awake because Mr. Yesteryear Acres AND McGyver (our white golden retriever) had conspired against me and made sleeping an impossibility. First - let me say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres has a tendency to snore.  And by snore I do not mean some gentle humming or low murmuring. By snoring I mean that if I were laying down on an airport runway and a 747 were to take off right next to my head - it would sound like a kitten purring next to the raucous that comes out of Mr. Yesteryear Acres mouth. He is ridiculously loud. If that were not enough, McGyver is in love.  He is in love with our poodle Fiona. He is so in love with Fiona that he must profess his love to her at least once every 30 minutes. He would like for them to"honeymoon" together.  Fiona isn't quite ready for that particular event. The conversation last night went something like this. McGyver: "FIONA FIONA I LOVE YOU!"  Fiona: "TOO BAD"  McGyver: "FIONA FIONA I LOOOOVE YOU!"  Fiona: "TOO BAD!".  That conversation was then shortened to the following - McGyver: "How about Now?"  Fiona: "NO!" McGyver: "Well How about NOW?" Fiona: "NO!" and so on and so on.  McGyver asked Fiona "how about now" about every 20 minutes and Fiona was prompt in answering "NO" every single time.  Thus my night of blissful sleep was immediately terminated.  There was actually no hope of me ever sleeping through all of that so I got out of bed and turned on the TV and proceeded to catch up on all the shows that have been waiting for me on my DVR.  I got through 3 episodes of Private Practice and 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy.  I watched all 5 shows BY MYSELF.  With no talking.  With no interruptions (well other than the "How about NOW? NO! routine).  It was dark.  I had the whole couch to myself.  It was relatively quiet. It was like taking a whole day off and it didn't even count as a "wasted" day!  Admittedly I am dragging my butt today - but hey - I got a whole evening off!  Now I don't think I could make that work very often as I am super tired today BUT I do not regret last night's evening activities at all. It was quite a lovely way to spend the wee hours of the morning. Considering the fact that my eyes want to close even as I type today's blog, I am guessing that tonight I will be asleep before I sit down. Hopefully tonight's repartee will be more along the lines of "Shhhhh be very quiet, let's not wake up Mrs. Yesteryear Acres."  McGyver -  are you listening? Silence is Golden.zzzzzzzz

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