Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry and Bright!

Last night's contest of who would win "Happy December First" wasn't quite as exciting as I had envisioned. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I finally sat down to watch TV around 11:15pm. We turned on the TV, propped up our feet, and then....yes...passed out.  12:00:01 came and went and we were still in our TV watching positions sound asleep.  We woke up sometime around 1:00am and stumbled our way to bed.  Just as I pulled the covers up and closed my eyes, Mr. Yesteryear Acres of COURSE says, "Happy December First!" UGH!  He WON!  I mean does that REALLY count?  We were both practically sleep walking.  How did he even remember?  I was literally dreaming as I was walking to bed.  We were both that tired. And yet, Mr. Yesteryear Acres somehow manages to pull the "Happy December First" right at the last moment.  I was going to call him the champion this morning BUT instead this round goes to Good Ole Mother Nature!  I woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of white snow!  I mean THAT is saying "Happy December First" in style!!!  It was snowing! Really snowing!  I bounced out of bed with the biggest smile on my face running through the house yelling, "Its Snowing! Its Snowing!"  Mr. Yesteryear Acres was already smiling and had a big snowball waiting for me.  I was super happy to wake up to the first snow of the season.  I love snow.  I love how beautiful everything looks with snow.  I love how Mother Nature just planned it so perfectly to snow on December First.  That was so thoughtful of her!  Just yesterday, I said my goodbyes to November and Autumn and all of that and today I get to wake up to a winter wonderland!  Ahhhhh. It is soooo pretty. It is still snowing even now! The puppies went out today and they were all excited to lick the grass covered in all that tasty white stuff.  They were really funny!  They kept sliding around in the snow and doing barrel rolls and trying to eat the snow at the same time. It was so funny to watch. YEA! Snow. Snow. Snow. Everything is Merry and Bright!  Thank you so much Mother Nature.  Happy December First definitely goes to you! 

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