Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Still not done

I left the house at 9am this morning with bright hopes of finishing all my Christmas shopping. Alas - it was not to be.  I couldn't find what I was looking for and sadly I still have people left on my list without presents.  Today was supposed to be a big sale day but I think it was the "HAHAHAHA you have NO presents and I will charge you double and then take a mere 10% off so you THINK it is a big sale day!" I was not alone in my misery.  There were tons of people shopping today but they were all roaming around the store and not in line at the registers. It seems we were all looking for great deals only to find that they have already been spoken for.  I walked the entire length of the outdoor mall and looked in every store. It was a whopping 12* outside so I felt that the dedication I put towards my Christmas shopping should have been rewarded. The only thing I brought back to my car was a pocket full of used tissues from my cold runny nose. I hope that I have more luck this coming Saturday. My older daughter and I are going to make a stop at the outlet mall and I am hopeful that I will find some awesome gifts.  I am fairly certain that the lines will stretch around the block and back again as I can not be the only person to think of doing their shopping on the Saturday before Christmas but we are determined to go and make the most of it.  I hope there is a good variety of Christmas music playing at the outlets.  Today after I was done not buying Christmas gifts, I went shopping at Sam's club for normal every day needed items.  I had a rather long list and "The First Noel" was playing in the store. It was playing non-stop. Sing it with me,  "Noel...Noel.....Noel...Noel" It was the only song they played. It isn't like I am a Scrooge or something but REALLY? ONE Christmas song? One very repetitive Christmas song? It took me almost an hour to get everything on my list and all the while...."The First Noel......" again and again and again. I was really looking forward to leaving and when I got to the registers the lines were SO long.  I actually waited in line for over 20 minutes and do you know how many times you can listen to the First Noel in 20 minutes? 10.17 times. Yes I counted. Yes, I am that annoying that I would actually count how many times I have to listen to the same song whilst standing in line. Nat King Cole was still singing Noel....Noel...Noel as I left the store. I believe I got my fill of that particular Christmas song today. Tomorrow I will need a rather large medley of music to counteract the lasting effects of today's one-note entertainment. My brain has set the tune to auto replay and Nat is somehow still singing to me.  I will have to work hard to switch it to Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. At least that sounds yummy and I didn't have time to eat today. I will have to make up for that tomorrow.  I am thinking a big roaster chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and maybe homemade bread. mmmmm. I am so ready!

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