Friday, December 31, 2010

A Nice Quiet Drawing Game

Last night here at Yesteryear Acres we decided to play a sweet little drawing game. I believe if one reads the rules of Pictionary - nowhere in the rules does it say to scream at the top of your lungs professing why your picture should be hung in the Louvre for all to see.  Also it probably does not say that if you yell as loud as you can, no matter how loud you yell, no matter how insistent you just can't change what is clearly a pregnant person lying down smoking a pipe into a man holding a whistle. It just won't happen. Despite these rules being absent from the official rules of the game - I believe you might have heard us playing Pictionary as far away as Montana. Yes - we were loud.  Yes we were VERY into claiming best picture of the evening. Yes - all of us thought our pictures showed a clear and precise depiction of the clue to be drawn. And yes - everyone disagreed to the authenticity of "hotwire" actually showing someone "hotwiring a car" but instead actually depicted a bloated tire and the staypuff marshmallow man. I had tears streaming down my face last night from laughing so hard.  At one point we were all on the floor howling with laughter. One clue was "election" and I said, ballot, voters, candidates, senators, congressman, speakers, ballot workers and my younger daughter almost turned purple from the agony. And ..I never did guess "election". The teams were Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my older daughter and my son against my younger daughter and me.  My older daughter is quite an artist.  She can draw anything. It is hysterical to play with her because she wants to draw the background and detailed little touches while I can not draw AT all.  Really.  Stick people are even a stretch for me. So last night when I draw a lopsided rectangle with a triangular bottom and my younger daughter screams CALIFORNIA within 2 seconds - and yes California is the absolute correct answer is hysterical because meanwhile my older daughter is still trying to draw the entire pacific seaboard....including the redwood forest, surfing, pacific white-sided dolphins, the gold rush, Hollywood is just too funny. We all had a really good time. Tonight we are probably going to switch teams because my younger daughter and I are REALLY good at guessing each other's pathetic drawings and the other team thinks somehow we have practiced.  Right.  I practiced drawing a loaf of bread - which she screams CHEF HAT - when it is really bread - only later to get the clue "Chef" so of course what do I draw???? You got it! The loaf of bread!  To which she screams CHEF HAT. The other team then looks at my picture and says it doesn't look ANYTHING like a chef.  Well duh!  We are just that good!  Well I suppose I better practice drawing some ninjas, the globe, chef hats and maybe a automobile or two. You never know when I will need someone to guess Rocket Launcher!

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