Monday, December 27, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Today was another brutally cold day here but despite the frigid temperatures my younger daughter and I decided to spend the day at the zoo.  My sister and her family joined us and so did my mom.  We emerged from the car looking a bit like we were ready for an Arctic expedition.  It was a good thing too because the wind was wicked cold and the layers were greatly appreciated.  I usually save zoo days for lovely weather.  We don't go when it is too hot or too cold.  We go when the sun is shining with a cool breeze and the weather is absolutely perfect for spending the day at the zoo.  The funny thing is, that whenever we choose the most perfect weather day for the zoo....everyone else does too! I am used to hoards of people all squished into the viewing windows and have mastered waiting patiently for my quick glimpse at whatever animal lies behind the crowded viewing platforms.  It is an expected part of going to the zoo.  Today was by far the coldest day I have ever ventured out to the zoo.  In fact it might be the coldest day I have willingly decided to spend an entire day outside. Evidently everyone else also thought it was far too cold to go to the zoo as the total number of people at the zoo - including the 6 of us was.....49.  49 people. That is it. It was like having the zoo all to ourselves.  Every window was wide open for viewing. And if that were not awesome enough, all the animals in the North America exhibit must have really enjoyed the peaceful quietness of an uncrowded zoo. They were all up and walking about and it was just a terrific day to be at the zoo.  While we walked in our winter wonderland we enjoyed watching all the animals frolic in the snow covered landscapes. Some of the highlights were...

The Puma was out and ready for her photo session
The polar bear exhibit was fantastic.  The Bears were taking a major snooze but they were still awesome.  Who doesn't love polar bears?!

The Siberian Tigers looked particularly beautiful against the snow covered background.  They looked so soft, I just wanted to reach in a snuggle with one!

Do we look prepared for a blizzard?

And of course, being canine lovers, we were super excited to see the wolves out and about. Did you know wolf poop looks just like dog poop? We always have fascinating stuff to talk about at the zoo!
We were surprised how much fun going to the zoo was in the freezing cold. We are already making plans to return and do it again as soon as we get another free day. I guess even zoo animals love walking in a winter wonderland! It was so nice they let us join in.

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