Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Lights

Last night's tree trimming was a definite success.  We got all the ornaments on the tree except for my older daughter's favorite ornaments.  We put them aside so she can hang them when she comes home for Christmas.  The tree looks so nice in our living room and I can finally feel the beauty of Christmas all around.  There is just something about a Christmas tree all beautifully decorated that really makes a room feel special.  I am so glad we got ours up.  I was beginning to wonder when we were going to accomplish that task and now it is officially crossed off the list. To top of the Christmas decorating day, Mother Nature had her own Christmas light show last night. The Geminid meteor showers were at their peak and Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were up front and center for the big show.  I have to say that our meteor shower viewing this summer was a LOT warmer!!!!  We ventured outside last night shortly after midnight. It was a whopping 5* with windchills well below zero.  You have to REALLY REALLY love falling stars to want to gaze up at the sky when at any given moment you are likely to literally FREEZE.  Mother Nature - despite her very frigid temperatures did not disappoint.  We were blessed with a vividly bright display of bright greens and yellows streaking across the night sky.  We only managed to ooooh and ahhhh for about 20 minutes as the bitter cold drove us back inside to seek refuge under our comforter. Being the dedicated star gazers that we are, we set our alarm for 5:00am as that was supposed to be the peak hour for the meteor shower.  I have to say that when the alarm went off at 5:00am I really had second thoughts about getting up.  I started thinking...how different could the 5:00am stars be from the midnight stars?  My younger daughter was up and ready to head out the door for early morning swim practice and I thought if she could get up, put on a swimsuit and willingly go swim at this hour, I could at least get up to look at a beautiful star shower.  I said my good-byes to my daughter and Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I headed outside. WHOA - it was C O L D.  I mean REALLY cold.  We both looked at each other with the same expression....."just who's idea was this??"  We made it for one brilliant yellow meteor streaking across the sky and ran back inside with our teeth chattering.  We then snuggled up on one of our windowsills right next to the radiator and watched a few more falling stars from inside our warm house.  It did feel like we were cheating a bit - but hey we DID get up and we did watch the meteors twice that evening.  I think we could at least get a runner up prize for our efforts.  Tonight as the temperatures fall once again to the low single digits, I will crawl into bed, pull up my warm comfy covers, close my eyes, and dream about the meteor shower. All the while being warm and toasty and ever so comfortable.  I need to warm up before next week's celestial event when there will be a total lunar eclipse.  I am making a note to bring MORE blankets this time and hot chocolate!!! C-c-c-can't wait! Brrr!

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