Thursday, December 16, 2010

Puppy Sleigh

Tomorrow I load up the puppy mobile....or rather Puppy Sleigh and make my journey east.  I have several puppies to deliver on my way to the Naval Academy and I am really really really hoping the weather is nice and clear for tomorrow's travels. This past February I drove through a blizzard on my way to Annapolis and I would really rather not do that ever again.  It was the scariest drive ever. I was a little worried this morning when I woke up to snow and more snow. It continued to snow most of the day and althought it was beautiful, the roads around here were awful. Luckily, it looks as though the snow is slowing down so the roads should be all cleared off by the morning. Whew! The puppies are excited about the trip. I have some new toys and they finally get to meet their forever families just in time for Christmas!  They are all washed and ready to go.  I have to finish getting ready all the puppy care packages and pack for my overnight adventure. I am going to get an early start tomorrow so that I am sure to have plenty of time to get to all the places I am going. I have to pack a lunch and dinner but I do not need to pack any goodies because I received the most wonderful package today!!!!  A dear friend and proud owner of Skipper Doodle sent me a beautiful Christmas present....HOMEMADE COOKIES!!!  A whole huge box of HOMEMADE COOKIES! mmmmmmmm.  There were so many cookies and all different kinds!  They are DELICIOUS!  I am bringing the box with me on my trip!  I am going to happily eat cookies allllll the way to the east coast.  I will be nice enough to leave a few sample cookies behind for the rest of my family but other than that - the cookies are MINE!  mmmmm I love cookies. I am a cookie monster and now my snack for the road trip is perfect.  Thank you Skipper Doodle for my cookies.  You have made me VERY happy.  I am going to pack a thermos full of cold milk and I will be set for tomorrow's adventures. The Puppy Sleigh is on the way!!!!

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