Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pajamas kind of day

Today is the first Saturday in I cannot remember how long that we didn't have visitors scheduled.  None.  Not a single puppy visitor for the entire day. I didn't have to get up early today. I didn't need to vacuum the porch today. I didn't even need to get DRESSED today.  It is 3:45pm and I am STILL in my very comfy pajamas!  Ahhhh such happiness!  Now it isn't like I have wasted the day away lying in bed but still, I am enjoying the pajama day. I have a delicious pork roast in the oven and I am serving it with fresh roasted sweet potato/yukon gold potato homefries. They are REALLY good. The house smells delicious. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son have been busy working outside in the cold all day so I am heading to the kitchen to bake some oatmeal molasses cookies for them.  That will put a huge smile on their faces.  Oatmeal Molasses cookies are my son's favorite. My younger daughter is in Athens today at the first high school swim meet of the season.  I am sure she will be super glad to come home to fresh baked cookies.  Molasses cookies make excellent swimming snacks! She is working really hard this season to break some of the high school swim records.  I am not naming names but a certain someone who has the exact same initials as my younger daughter and is currently a second class midshipman at the Naval Academy currently holds many of the high school swim records.  My younger daughter's goal is to at least get her name on the record board as well - and maybe just maybe - erase a few of her big sister's records too. High School swim season has officially begun so the race begins. My daughter won't get home until very late tonight so that leaves me all alone in the my pajamas.....with cookies in the oven.....and fluffy puppies at my feet...... mmmmm. I think I might just have to sit down in the living room and snuggle with a few puppies and watch a movie. It is after all - a pajamas kind of day!! 

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