Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wrapped up in Goodness

This morning I awoke with such happiness as I got to say good-morning to each of my children. Just seeing their faces was just the best start to the day. The holiday season has now officially begun. Shortly after getting out of bed, my son surprised me with a big tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.  He said he was going to squeeze a glass of juice for me every single morning of Christmas break.  That is his Christmas present to me. OH MY GOODNESS - best Christmas present ever!  I told him that he was the best son in the whole wide world and his present was so perfect. I slowly sipped my glass of Christmas OJ Love and savored every sip. Mmmmm. I was literally filled with happiness.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son then headed outside to do the farm chores and my younger daughter headed to another official college visit.  This time she is meeting with the Head Swim Coach and staying overnight in the dorms.  My mom was kind enough to take her as I have a lot of Christmas things to get done.  They headed off on their adventure this afternoon which left my older daughter and I in the house alone.  That can only mean one thing....WRAPPING TIME!  We got out all the presents and spent the afternoon watching movies and wrapping presents.  We got a ton done and I am pretty much done except for wrapping her gifts.  I plan on wrapping them early tomorrow morning when she is still asleep.  We worked so quickly that tonight we are going to play with the puppies and watch another movie together.  We have a big comforter spread out on the living room floor and she is covered in puppies. She is really happy. She misses the puppies almost more than she misses us.  She said she already knew she would miss her family.  Everyone misses their family and she was prepared for how that would feel.  She did not however count on how much she would miss the puppies.  We almost always have puppies running around. Puppies to kiss you. Puppies to snuggle with you. Puppies to give you that extra TLC that you need to make it through the day.  Puppies to give you that look that says I LOVE YOU.  She misses that.  She misses the snuggling and being surrounded with puppy love.  Tonight she is covered in a heap of puppies and after wrapping presents all day - she herself is wrapped up.  Wrapped up in goodness and puppy love. To her, it is the best present of all.

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