Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I will not get

I woke up this morning feeling no better but I also didn't feel any worse.  I took that as a good sign that I will beat this bug.  I have 2 brother-in-laws that are sick, my father-in-law is getting sick, my mom is sick, my son is sick - someone somewhere brought the grinch bug to Christmas and shared it with all of us. I am determined to dance around the edges of this bug and not succumb to the sickly grinch bug.  My older daughter made me fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast and for lunch I made extra spicy Thai noodle soup.  That is the exact recipe for getting better ASAP.  My son looks a little perkier this afternoon, so I think the worst of it might be behind him. Instead of resting and watching movies with my son, I got to fill out 1,000 pages of paperwork. UGH.  Evidently for all civilian bound college attendees - the Federal Government requires you to fill out a lengthy form for student aid. Okay - it wasn't 1,000 pages but it still was rather lengthy and very boring.  Since my daughter is still in the decision process as to where to go to college, we are keeping all our options open. We started in on the forms first thing this morning and got everything all done.  Not bad considering the first day for filing is January 1st.  We are so ahead of the game.  We have been patiently stalking the mail carrier and good news has slowly been trickling in.  There are still a few face-to-face interviews to do and some more paperwork to submit but the road to college acceptance is looking pretty smooth.  My daughter is getting more excited each passing day.  I have at least 2 more college visits to do with her before the big decision.  She has some awesome choices to choose from and I suppose filling in a 1,000 page form online is a small price to pay.  I am just glad that one is crossed off the list.  Tomorrow.....on to UNdecorating the house.  I wonder if I should play Christmas music backwards? OH OH OH!

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