Monday, August 29, 2011

And they can't even SEE the ocean!

After watching the Weather Channel for about 24 hours straight, worried about Hurricane Irene and my friends and family along the coastline, I finally turned the channel off.  Hurricane Irene had been downgraded. It was heading inland.  It was moving away from the ocean. All that was left was rain.  Little did I know that my poor sister in Vermont would get the brunt of the storm. Vermont is in terrible shape!  Everything is flooded. Roads are gone. As in just washed away. The rivers are running so high they are taking the bridges with them.  There are so many families just stranded in their homes with nowhere to go.  There are no roads. I know many people thought the hype over the Hurricane was overdone - but look what RAIN - not even a hurricane anymore - but RAIN in huge amounts can do. They are calling the flooding in Vermont a complete and total catastrophe.  In looking at the pictures my sister posted - I have to agree!

This isn't something that can be fixed in just a day or two.  Vermonters have a long haul ahead of them.  All of this destruction- from a hurricane - and they can't even SEE the ocean. I am sure no one thought all this was headed their way. I just hope things start to improve soon.  My dear sister - if you need anything - I am just one phone call away!!!!! Hang in there!!!!

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