Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insignificant Sore Throat

So I am thinking that my sore throat is quite insignificant.  I am also thinking that even though I have gone through one entire box of tissues and cannot walk anywhere without a fresh tissue in my hand - I am fine.  In addition, I am thinking that even though I had dental work yesterday and my eyes are watering and it looks like I am crying as the tears flow down my face non-stop - that I should not be concerned. Mr. Yesteryear Acres thinks differently. He thinks that perhaps I am not well and should go see a Doctor. I don't know what gives him that idea. Certainly not my pathetic runny teary snot-filled face.  I must have looked rather horrid this morning because my younger daughter took my son to cross-country practice and let me stay in bed. She also picked him up and did the grocery shopping. She is thoughtful that way.  Normally I would dismiss all these symptoms as merely bothersome but I do have a nagging thought that somehow having a full day of dental work (where I had to go back AGAIN that afternoon) - and then waking up "sick" is not a good thing. I think if I am still not feeling well tomorrow I will go and pay a visit to the doctor.  Today marks exactly one week until my daughter goes back to the Naval Academy. I don't want to waste another single day!

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