Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy Work

Today was nothing but busy work. Boring, mundane, frustrating, no fun busy work. I never dreamed it would take all day to get through my heaps of work but it did.  I think half the day was spent on hold with various billing companies, pharmacies, insurance etc.  It was so frustrating and L O N G.  I had to get a lot of things done for my daughter's move to college and for some reason today was ... "let's be on hold" day.  I have certainly heard my fair share of Elevator Music today. My favorite was a 45 minute call to transfer a prescription.  I didn't think that particular task was that difficult - but evidently it was.  I spent so long on all the busy work, I didn't even have time to make dinner which rarely happens.  My daughter was upset because she only wants Mommy food not restaurant food. We seldom eat out and now that she is leaving for college in less than 2 weeks - restaurant food is the last thing she wants. I felt guilty but I was really that busy. I promised that I will make the most delightful homemade Mommy food every night from now on. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much brighter day!

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