Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey - Let's Load the Car

So I am back from my trip to Annapolis where I sadly waved goodbye to my older daughter at the Naval Academy. I am back home again .......just in load the car again. WAH!  This is the hardest week EVER!  I am barely back in the door before it is time to load all my younger daughter's belongings into the car.  Tomorrow at 5:30am we are leaving to take my younger daughter to college. Her freshman year starts this week and I am going to miss her SOOOOO much!  I am sitting in my living room surrounded by all her things.  Her pillow. Her alarm clock. Her comforter. Her very favorite stuffed animals. Everything. It is all going in the car. It is all leaving tomorrow along with her. I am not sure how I will be able to say goodbye.  I will not cry. I will not show sadness. I will swallow down every single feeling and emotion inside me and put a smile on my face and say, "Have FUN!"  I will look like I am very excited for her. I will look like I am really really happy. I will not let even the slightest peek of what I feel escape because if I open that door even the smallest bit - the biggest flood of emotion is surely to pour out.  So for now -I am excited. For now - I am going to load that cute little duckie stuffed animal into the car and not even think about what that duckie symbolizes. I won't even think about how putting duckie into the car is the same as packing her childhood in the car and saying goodbye. It is only a cute yellow duckie. Nothing more. Okay duckie --- let's start packing.

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