Monday, August 22, 2011

Last First Day - First First Day

Today is my older daughter's last first day of school.  She is starting her senior year at the Naval Academy so today marks the very last time she will have a first day of school. I am fairly certain she thinks the time went by as quickly as I did.  This year will be a big year for her. In complete contrast - today marks the First - first day of college for my younger daughter. Sadly she started off the day completely and totally sick.  She got really sick yesterday with a very high fever and there was not a clinic, urgent care or health center open anywhere. It made her being away from home even harder - for both of us!!! Thankfully the student health center was able to see her this morning and she is on antibiotics so hopefully she will be feeling better soon. She was a real trooper and made it to all her classes despite the fact she was feeling so awful. I know we miss each other even more than we thought we would this week.  Being sick and away from home all at once - that is a lot to deal with the first week away! I hope she feels better tomorrow.  My poor sweet daughter! Tomorrow my son has his first - first day of high school.  I can't say he is really looking forward to it but we are ready for the big event.  The mountain of clothes are all cleaned, folded and ready for school.  School supplies are lined up by the door.  The new super sonic alarm clock is set and ready for the early 6am wake up call.  I have my alarm set as well.  Tomorrow starts my job as chauffeur!  School, cross country practice, cross country meets ------they all await me. I guess tomorrow will be my first - first day of complaining. Why does school have to start so early? WAHHHH!

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