Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well - I do look good in purple

Oh my. I am hot. And tired. And red. No make that purple. And I think perhaps about 102* F. Why you ask? Well because my "let's walk in the morning for miles and miles" has sadly turned into "let's take one more step in the hot blazing afternoon." My son has cross country practice at 4:00pm.  It takes me 15 minutes to drive him to practice. Then of course, it would take 15 minutes to drive back home.  Then of course 15 minutes to go back and pick him up followed by another 15 minutes of driving back once again.  Total time driving = one solid hour. BUT if I do not take my gorgeous happy peaceful walk in the morning and save it until my son runs cross country in the afternoon - I can walk during his hour long cross country practice and save myself quite a bit of driving.  Good plan right? Right? I am thinking maybe not so much.  Here is the scenario for my morning walk.  I get up, get dressed, get in the car and drive to the arboretum. The birds are singing. The air is crisp. The deer are out. The hills are covered with a beautiful morning light and all is right with the world. I happily walk with an upbeat tempo. I am so proud of myself. I can easily cover 3-4 miles and hardly think a thing of it. Each time I look down at my pedometer, I have covered miles! Then when I get back home - I have my whole day in front of me and all the while I think, "I am AWESOME because I already got my exercise in today!"  Here is the scenario for the late afternoon walk. I have 1,000 things on my to-do list and only 99 things crossed off.  I have to make dinner. I have to do the laundry. I have to take care of the puppies and start their dinner. I have to go change my clothes into appropriate workout attire. I have to put on walking shoes. I have to go out in the blazing hot, humid, sun blaring afternoon and walk. The birds are all hiding.  The deer are passed out in the shade far from human contact.  The hoards of high school kids from various schools are all over the park RUNNING past me at the speed of light which makes me look quite pathetic. I am walking the pace of a snail. I have to stop and get a drink. I have to keep myself from crawling to the shade and passing out.  I keep looking at my watch. Only 2 minutes have passed. I keep looking at my pedometer - .02 miles covered.  ACK! The agony! My face is purple! I actually have very little ability to sweat so I am literally hot, dry and purple.  I look like I have been slowly roasted over an open fire. Once I finally crawl to my car and open the door, it is 130* inside the car. I drive back home while my legs cook on my car seat only to be faced with 901 things that must be done right that second. All I can think is.....thank goodness I survived!!!!!! Tomorrow's forecast: HOT, with high school runners whipping by at break neck speeds, followed by half cooked purple mom. Oh well. At least I look good in purple!

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