Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love Was All Around

Today we celebrated Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. 60 years. 60 years of love and togetherness and the true meaning of the words, "I Do".  The entire celebration was a surprise and it all went perfectly. The feeling of forever love was all around.
My niece made the beautiful wedding anniversary cake.
Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents were totally surprised.  We all got a little bit teary. 60 years of forever love.
The cake was strawberry - Mr. Yesteryear Acres mom's favorite!
Of course you have to do the cutting of the cake picture!
Just like they did 60 years ago.
We all were so blessed to share in such a special celebration.
We love them so much.
Our kids do too.
The feeling of love was so great - our kids asked us to walk over to the bridge in the park where Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had our wedding reception almost 24 years ago.
Our 24th Wedding Anniversary is in just 2 days.
We tried to recreate our wedding picture but unbeknownst to us - that area is now a "professional golf club" and not an area for pictures of people in love. At least we got one quick picture. Now we can put it right next to the one from 24 years ago. The only thing different today - is I love Mr. Yesteryear Acres even more.
Love is all around. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.
Happy Anniversary to Mr. Yesteryear Acres Parents!
We love your 60 years of love!!!!!

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