Sunday, August 7, 2011


My older daughter made the most delicious sandwich EVER.  Best egg sandwich of my life. It was so good I almost cried.
She sauteed yellow pear tomatoes in seasoning and fresh lemon.
Just look how delicious that tomato looks!!
Then she spread Laughing Cow Cheese on fresh toasted bread and topped that with the sauteed tomatoes.
Then for the finale.....perfectly fried eggs.  The yolks were all warm and runny and dripping down the sandwich. The tomatoes were tart and full of flavor. The cheese was sweet and creamy.  All of that together was enough to bring tears to my eyes over the deliciousness of it all.  My younger daughter who for some odd reason is not a big egg fan begged for another sandwich.
In the end - we all had sandwiches and then more sandwiches.  They were just that good.  My daughter thought to finish off her culinary masterpieces - she would then make eggs for the puppies.  They were also in complete agreement as to the deliciousness.  They ate their scrambled eggs all gone in seconds.  We all had a very EGGcellent day!!!!

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