Sunday, August 21, 2011

Laundry Laundry Laundry

I have been buried alive.  I am suffocating under the largest mountain of laundry anyone has ever seen. It touches the ceiling. It escapes the room. It creeps out into the yard. It is a laundry monster of mass proportions guaranteed to frightened even the most hardiest of souls.
Me: "School starts the day after tomorrow and we need to make sure you have clean clothes to wear."

My son: "How clean?"

Me: "CLEAN!"

My son: "Well I better go excavate my room then"

Hours later my son emerges. Well at least I think it is my son. I can't really tell because it appears to be a giant walking mass of laundry. Actually I think some of the laundry is so dirty that it is walking on its own. Evidently the theme of the summer was to wear the clothing multiple times and then store the clothing in a corner.  Evidently the theme of the summer was that he worked FAR too hard to actually bring down his laundry so I could wash it.  Evidently the theme of the summer was for my son to OUTGROW the clothes waiting to be washed. So now - all day - and all day tomorrow - I will be washing clothes that no longer fit  him. I will be washing clothes that I will be giving away.  I will be hoping that at least one or two pair of jeans and a couple of shirts will stretch enough to fit my ever growing boy. I incorrectly assumed that when he grew over a foot in one calendar year, his growth spurt would be over.  Based on the mass quantity of clothes that are sitting on my floor that in no way fit him.....I guess my boy is still growing. The denim industry of America should thank me. My son has gone through just about every size......for a good 2-3 weeks.....and then he is on to the next one. When he outgrows this size - I will be forced to shop at the "Tall" shop only.  I don't think they make Jolly Green Giant sizes at normal clothing stores!!!! Guess I better go change loads.  I will be done washing right about the same time that my boy grows again!

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