Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why yes it is possible to watch the Weather Channel all day long

I didn't know it was possible to be glued to the TV without ever wanting to change the channel. The Weather Channel has been on all day in our kitchen.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres started watching it first thing this morning and we have both been in and out getting Hurricane Irene updates all day long. I have to admit, I love big storms.  I love when a big storm rolls in and the clouds darken and the sky becomes angry.  I like massive electrical storms with all the beautiful lightning streaks filling the sky.  I like ice storms, blizzards, torrential rains - even the earthquake was kind of cool. I like all of that right up until the point that it disrupts people's lives. I don't want roads to be closed. I don't want driving to be dangerous. I don't want houses to be flooded. I don't want roofing shingles whipping through the air. I don't want destruction and mayhem.  I love the awesomeness of Nature but wish there was a way to have so much awesome raw power and still have nice clean roads. I like trees that aren't uprooted, street signs that are intact, and electricity and drinking water for all.  I fear that with Hurricane Irene's massive rainfall - there are going to be quite a few disruptions. So today my heart goes out to everyone on the east coast. For all my puppy families - I hope you are safe. Stay dry! Be Safe!  I hope the storm passes quickly. For all my Navy friends - stay safe!!!!! I am thinking of you. For my daughter who is at the Naval Academy - I hope you and all the midshipmen at the Naval Academy are safe during the storm.  And one more special little request for my sweet daughter....... I know how much you LOVE going running in the rain, but as a favor for your dear sweet mother....could you skip the running today?  Thank you.

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