Friday, August 19, 2011

I did NOT play in the mud puddle

Today was puppy picture day!!! All the puppies got to pose for the camera and show off their best looks. Some puppies sat like good little puppies, all nice and fluffy and dry and clean. They waited for their turn to say cheese.
Awww sweet dry fluffy puppy.......What a good boy.
Awww another dry fluffy puppy.  Say Cheese!
Then we had the
"I LOVE PUDDLES!!!!" Puppies
I just loooooove to be wet! Puddles are the best!!!!
I love puddles even more!!!!!
We had to dry this little guy off so we could get a proper photo. As soon as he was nice and fluffy......"OH BOY! MORE PUDDLES!" We ended up having to wait for almost 30 minutes before we got him dry again.  Good thing he is the sweetest most loveable puppy! He just loves everything.
This puppy says.....
I would never get all wet and muddy.
Well....not until next week's pictures!!!!

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