Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ticking of the Clock

Oh nooooo!  After today I only have ONE more day with my older daughter!!! ONE! Wahhhhhhhh!  How did the time go by so quickly?????  How will I make tomorrow last forever????  What will I do when she goes?????  The very hectic and very busy plan is that Monday we have as much fun as we can. We make Monday last as long as possible.  We turn Monday into one week, or maybe one month - oh heck - let's make Monday last one whole year!  Then once Monday is over - Monday night we pack up the car.  And when I say "pack" - what I mean is Shove, Cram, Fill, and Squish to maximum capacity the entire SUV.  Every nook and cranny will be filled with her belongings.  She has accrued quite a few boxes at the Naval Academy. It is actually mind-boggling considering she showed up at the Naval Academy gates 3 years ago with nothing but a toothbrush! Then Tuesday morning bright and early we drive to Annapolis.  I say good-bye to my older daughter and then drive home ALL BY MYSELF on Wednesday. I must be brave. I must drive with no tears which will be really really hard because as soon as I get back home Wednesday night - my younger daughter has to pack the SUV with all HER belongings! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  We leave at 5:30am on Thursday morning to take my younger daughter to college.  *sniff sniff*. She is off for her very first year of college. How will I ever say good-bye??? My house will not have any girls left except ME. I must make these last few minutes last. I must make them last forever.  The clock is ticking!!!!!! WAH!!!

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