Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Hold Onto Summer

Even though both of my girls are away at college and my son is in school all day long.....I still have a hard time believing that summer is coming to an end. In no time at all Autumn will be upon us with the brilliant display of colors, cool fall air, and sweaters will have to come out of the closets. Each morning will bring the sound of crisp leaves crunching under our feet. I can already see the signs that Autumn is on the way. The sun keeps setting a little bit earlier each day. I was driving home last night and it was dark before I knew it. We have to run outside shortly after dinner if we want to catch the evening sunset show. So I say - let's hold onto summer just a little bit longer. This weekend I want to do all sorts of summer things. I am going to talk to Mr. Yesteryear Acres to plan a campfire cookout. We need to sit out on our dock. We need to fish in our pond. We need to have a picnic. We need to make one last batch of homemade summertime ice cream. We need to send summer off with one last big bang. If we do everything just right - we should be able to follow our "Let's Hold Onto Summer party" by a really awesome "Why Hello Autumn!" It sounds like a good plan to me!!!!

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