Friday, August 5, 2011

Everything is Peachy!

First full day back home and we are in the swing of things right away. First thing this morning my son, daughter and I are up and out the door by 7:30 so he can go to his cross country practice. My daughter and I begrudgingly walked for the entire hour and reminisced about good ole Aqua Gym.  Even though the walking wasn't nearly as fun - we still got it done and gave ourselves an extra big high five for the effort.  Once we were home we changed and my daughter and I headed out to the orchard.  We picked a half a bushel of Red Haven peaches that were perfectly ripe and juicy.  We had aspirations to pick several bushels but it is still so early in the peach season that it took over an hour just to get one half bushel basket picked.  There were only 1-2 ripe peaches per peach tree so we had our work cut out for us. In about 2 more weeks we can probably get 4 bushels picked in less than 15 minutes. The trees were just loaded.  The boys were a little sad to see that we didn't have enough peaches to make a huge batch of peach ice cream - but we assured them that would happen soon enough. For now they have to be content with fresh peach slices. The rest of the day was work, work, work - just like always.  Puppies got their nails trimmed, doggies got brushed, dishes got washed, laundry got cleaned.  Just a normal happy day at home. Tonight we had a campfire dinner and Mr. Yesteryear Acres cooked our dinner perfectly! It was scrumptious!!!  Just a perfect peachy day!!!! 

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