Monday, August 8, 2011

That was the Pits

Mmdkdkghihelgh. Psthsihgnkmkl. Yes that is how I sound right now. No one can understand me. I can no longer speak intelligible English. Today I had 4 old cavities drilled, removed and replaced.  One on each side, top and bottom. I do not like the dentist. I do not enjoy going to the dentist. I do not enjoy the dentist telling me that the fillings I had done 25+ years ago are no longer any good and all need replacing. I don't like to hear how I have Pit Cavities due to my love of eating passion fruit. And I really don't like holding my mouth open for 90 minutes while a drill is hammering in my mouth.  Now my jaw is SO sore and my mouth is all numb. I got a partial facial block so even my ears are numb.  I am sitting here with a big sad face and am giving myself permission to have a small pity party for myself. I am sure in a little while, I will bounce back but for now - I want a blankie. I want my couch. I want a movie and a puppy to snuggle with.  Lucky for me, my daughters are making dinner tonight so I am headed for the couch.  Come on puppy - let's go snuggle! Today was the Pits!

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