Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mom, Mom, Mom!

Oh I love having all 3 of my children home at the same time.  The joys. The happiness. The family love. The togetherness. The gentle calling of..."mom, Mom, MOM!" Evidently I am so amazing that all 3 of my children require my individual attention every second of the day. Mom - can you........?"  Mom - I need......!" Mom, do you know where.....?"  "Mom, listen to me." Oh my gosh. I am divided into a lot of little pieces. Each one of my children would like me to devote 100% of my undivided attention to their very important and pressing needs....simultaneously.  If I listen to one - the other two will clearly feel that their needs weren't as urgent. If I take turns - ditto. I know in one short week, this house will be silent and I will miss hearing my name. I will wander around without a purpose. No one will call me. I will long for one little, "mom" but none will be around.  But for today...."Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!!!!"

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