Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy First Day Of July!!

Happy first day of July!! Here at Yesteryear Acres we are determined to make the most out of of our summers and this summer is just going by too fast! That being said we decided that we would make July last the longest and be filled with the most fun! So here is to starting July off right!! It's Puppy Picture Monday!!!! And who doesn't love puppy love!?! 

Blossom's puppies are getting bigger and more active. They love outside playtime!

I like to smell the grass 

I like it when the grass tickles my nose like this

Juneau's puppies are getting bigger and more playful too!

They just have the softest coats

They even like to pose for pictures! What good little doodle doggies!

We like to take sunbaths... ahh that feels so good

We like to play tag

And we like to run around and have the grass tickle our tummies!!

Happy Monday!!

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