Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nothing better than your own bed!

I cannot tell you the complete and utter joy I felt when I finally laid my head on my very own pillow in my very own bed. I love my bed so much.  I love my pillow so much.  I love sleeping with my doodle doggie in my very own bed in my very own room in my very own house.  I love Yesteryear Acres. I felt like I had been gone forever! I worked nonstop the entire time I was at my daughter's house. We went to bed well after 1am every night and got up super early.  We usually only had time for one meal a day.  And by meal - let's be clear - we are talking bananas and crackers.  It was a hardcore moving job!  We were so exhausted by the end of the move.  My daughter now lives a mere 5 miles from the beach and did I see the beach? Nope.  Did I go to the seashore? Nope.  I drove almost 1500 miles and never got to the ocean.  I did however see enough of home improvement stores to last a lifetime!  I don't ever want to go to a home improvement store again! On the good side of things - I arrived at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico in time to see my daughter's graduation ceremony. When I heard all the things she has learned and all the things she will now be in charge of - I was really impressed.  She has accomplished so much already. It took us 2 days to move her things to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and when we arrived at her new house - it was perfect!!!!  We had rented the house sight unseen (just via the internet) and her house is beautiful!  It is even better than we had imagined. We got everything moved in and the place already feels like home for my daughter. We even got a small garden planted!!! The best part about the whole move is....there is plenty of room for me to come and stay.  We are all set for future visits where we will just sit around and enjoy her beautiful home and.....maybe...just maybe....next time we just might make it to the ocean!

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