Saturday, July 20, 2013

How about NO extra Zzz's

Last night my son went to the gas station around 10pm to fill up for the big puppy delivery trip. He called on the way home to say something was wrong with the SUV. By the time he pulled in the driveway, the rear end of the SUV was basically sitting ON the rear tire.  The suspension had gone out.  Great.  Awesome. The Puppy Mobile was broken. Alright then....time for Plan B! With slight hesitation my son agreed to let us turn his pickup truck into a temporary Puppy Mobile.  My son saved every single penny he ever made and bought his pickup truck himself.  He got a terrific deal from an older gentleman who took such good care of that truck it almost looked brand new. He made my son promise to look after the truck and love the truck just as he did.  My son does too. He loves his truck SO much. He was a little sad when we got out the wrenches and screwdrivers and began disassembling the back seat passenger area.  Out came the seats. Out came the seat backs. We took the entire back end apart and then constructed a puppy play area for the puppies. We finally finished the temporary puppy mobile project at 2am this morning. I have to say that even though it isn't nearly as nice as the customized puppy mobile box that Mr. Yesteryear Acres made for our SUV - it is pretty awesome considering how late it was.  This morning when I woke the puppies up at O'Dark-Thirty - they all looked pretty happy with their new play area. Dear little puppies, please be good on your trip today. Dear son of mine, as soon as you return home, we will put your truck back together again and I will vacuum and clean and make it good as new! You are my hero.

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