Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot Monday!

Man it is a scorcher outside today!  Who turned up the heat?!  The puppies and I went out long enough to get some cute pictures and we stayed in the shade and it still was hot.  I know. I know.  It IS summer but whew!  It's a hot one! Hope the new cool puppy pictures help bring a smile to your hot Monday!
All the puppies said the sidewalk was the best place to play.  It was nice and cool and shady!

They were very good at doing sidewalk model poses!
See? Expert sidewalk camera style!

This puppy said - "Uh Oh! My tail is in the sun!  I think I better head towards the sidewalk!"

This puppy said, "See? I am sooooo smart! I stay right on the VERY edge! I didn't even make a mess!  I am such a good puppy!"
"Did she say it was time to go back inside?!!!"
"Hooray!  Time for some air-conditioning!"
"We can almost fly there!!"
Happppppppppy Monday!


  1. Just looking at these adorable puppies brightens my day!

    1. Awww thank you!!!!!!!!!! Makes every day brighter here too!!!


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