Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Puppies

Life back at Yesteryear Acres has been going really well.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is taking really good care of the mommy dogs, the newborn puppies and all our doodle doggies.  He is so dedicated to our sweet four-legged family members and they never miss a minute of tender loving care. I have been able to email and text Mr. Yesteryear Acres to give him the updates on my health care. He is so proud of me which makes my heart smile even more.  I have fitness classes, health seminars and/or doctor meetings every hour which makes keeping up with my Yesteryear Acres work a bit challenging.  I have had a ton of requests from people wanting to talk to me this week and sadly, I am just too busy this week to be able to talk. There is a no cell phone policy here which makes it almost impossible to chit chat. I can say that at this age - the puppies are still in the neo-natal stage.  They cannot see.  They cannot hear.  They just sleep and nurse and then sleep some more. There are no personality differences or developments at this age and puppy selection will not happen for another 5 more weeks.  There honestly isn't much to say other than I will have more pictures posted again next Monday.  If I missed your call, I am sorry, but I promise I will get in touch with you when I return back home.  I have been checking my emails when I can - so please feel free to email anytime!  Don't worry - we will have lots of new puppy pictures next week and all the babies are doing well.

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