Saturday, July 27, 2013

Doodle Doggie Gifts Home Safe and Sound

The doodle doggie goodies are now home safe and sound!  Getting everything home took some imaginative packing! Toys, treats, shampoos, leashes, collars ....looks like I packed a suitcase just for doggies!  My clothes barely fit and I have the world's largest carryon full of more doggie goodies.  I am glad everything made it!  I was worried I would have to leave some awesome goodies behind! Even though the flight home is a long one, it is so nice to just sit back and relax and watch the beautiful scenery of the United States glide by. The Rocky Mountains are breathtaking. I can never get tired of looking at mountains! The pasture lands of Kansas - lovely.  There is so much to see and admire, the flight was over before I knew it.  I heard a couple of people complaining about how long the flight was and all I could think was - man this is great!  I don't have to drive!  I don't have to battle the weather!  I can eat a snack and drink a bottle of water with both hands! I am so used to making the puppy delivery trips, I am grateful to just have some downtime and let someone else do the "driving".  To me - the long flight home is a luxurious break in my busy day.  Good thing I like to fly.........I have another trip this week! I will have to really run around like crazy to get everything done before I leave again.  This is one busy week!

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