Friday, July 5, 2013

SURPRISE! Amelia Takes Over... Again

Hi! This is Amelia filling in once again for my Mom. She is still very busy moving my sister into her new home in North Carolina. She likes to text me updates every now and then to prove to me that she is working. All I have to say is... yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah so you moved 4,000 lbs worth of stuff. Yeah so you drove over 10 hours. Yeah so you stayed up wayyyy after 1 am unpacking enough to find blankets and pillows to sleep with on the hard floor. Yeah so you don't have any air conditioning and you are all sweaty and feel like you are melting. All I have to say to all that is... WELL YOU LEFT ME WITH CLEAN THE HOUSE THURSDAY!!! You left me with clean the house Thursday on the messiest of the messy Thursday's ever!!! That's right I went there. I spent over 2 hours in Austin's room cleaning the whole thing top to bottom and reorganizing every drawer he has. It was the ONLY way I could put all his laundry away. AND I still didn't even get his hat!! Then I cleaned all the sheets and remade the beds, dusted and vacuumed the whole house, did more laundry, I even scrubbed and bleached the bath tub and shower!! Including the shower curtains! And you know what?? I had to make today Finish the First Floor Friday! I got so tired by the end of Thursday that by the time I finished making dinner I was going to fall asleep. But could I go to sleep? NO!! Why might you ask?? Because you were ahead of me in steps!!! I had worked all day and you still had me beat! Therefore I  HAD to go workout! I ended up having to do two separate workouts in order to catch up! I did 4.11 miles and then jumped back on the treadmill to do 5.07 miles. Sometime after midnight when I finished my runs, the dishes were all cleaned, and the kitchen ready for tomorrow's breakfast, I finally was able to take a shower and go to bed. But it wasn't that simple... Why? Because I forgot to put my OWN sheets back on my bed. So last night I went to bed way after 1am. SO you see dearest mother our days are not quite so different.... Yes I did still had a bed to sleep on and air conditioning to clean by... WHAT?!?! You still don't think it's the same thing!?! Fine... Well you will have to excuse me... My homemade cake is coming out of the oven!! :) And it will be needing some homemade frosting put on top!! Hurry home Mom! We all miss you!!

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