Thursday, July 18, 2013

Puppy Care Package Cuteness

This weekend Juneau's sweet labradoodle puppies and Blossom's sweet goldendoodle puppies all leave for their new homes. Today we put together the Yesteryear Acres puppy care kits. I love putting the new toys and goodies in the bags and the puppies really like to help pick out their favorites! I found a new toy that the puppies just LOVE.  It is a plush chew toy that makes a crinkly sound and the puppies go crazy for it.  I bought four different varieties - a yellow duckie (Ms. Yellow collar girl's favorite), a blue lamby, a cow and a pink pig.  I don't know which one is cuter!  The puppies love them all and the little stuffed animal chew toys look so cute peeking out of the care packages.  The puppies all had their Yesteryear Acres beauty treatment today as well.  Nails all trimmed, coats all brushed, ears all clean.  They are officially ready for the big weekend!

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