Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just The Essentials

I have been working non-stop to help my daughter get settled into her new home.  I was thinking I would be home on Thursday, but here I am sitting in her kitchen, writing my blog, clearly not home.  Thankfully things are being very well taken care of at Yesteryear Acres. I am so lucky to have such great support!! I love my family so much. Today was more errand running.  I never knew how many little things would pop up! Every time we would cross something off our list, another item got added.  Solar lights for the front - check.  No potholders for the kitchen .....NOT check.  New printer - check.  Printer cable - NOT check.  We have made a trip to the Home Improvement store and to the warehouse store EVERY DAY.  Tonight I thought.... we may just have the essentials covered.  We may just be done.  We may be at the end of needing store runs!  Then for the first time ALL week, I actually had a chance to make dinner.  A real meal.  (Last night at midnight we ate a banana and crackers for dinner).  Tonight we were so excited! REAL FOOD!  Right before the beautiful asparagus was just about done, we heard the explosion.  The NEW glass dish for the microwave exploded! WITH the asparagus! NOOOOOOOOO!  Luckily no one was hurt and the microwave is fine.  Just one shattered dish and....sparkly asparagus.  SAD!  Looks like another cracker night......and tomorrow.....more errands! Oh boy!

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