Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy Me

After my quick trip to the Super Zoo, I have just one day to get everything ready before I leave again.  I hate being away from Yesteryear Acres but there was nothing I could do about the crazy schedule I have for the last week of July.  Last year the Super Zoo was held in September.  Just this year they decided to change the date to July.  So of course I had to go in July.  I can't miss the Super Zoo.  There are WAY too many awesome things for doggies and the seminars are so informative.  I learned so much again this year.  The whole conference/trade show is so worth it.  This year was even better than last year.  My doggies think so too!  It looks like doggie Christmas at my house!!!  I can't wait to see which things the dogs like the most and which things  are a great match for Yesteryear Acres.  It was a great trip and I am so glad I went.  
This week I will be going on another great trip. Last year my mom took me to an amazing exercise medical health spa in early August.  It literally changed my life.  My mom offered to take me again this year and of course - I said YES! AND THANK YOU! The health seminar week got changed to the end of July I go again!  I am excited for this week.  Last year the doctors at the health spa let me know that I wasn't quite as awesome as I thought.  I was 20lbs overweight.  My blood sugar wasn't being metabolized efficiently.  The biggest medical issue was that my muscle mass was dangerously low.  Evidently I had the muscle mass of a four year old.  Since that week, I have faithfully committed myself to the prescribed exercise routine.  I have done 3 days of strength training every single week.  I have never missed a single day of strength training.  I have done 4-6 days of cardio exercise every single week.  I have never done less than 4 cardio workouts in a week.  I have eaten protein with every meal.  I have added healthy grains and eliminated most unhealthy foods from my diet and I have lost 20lbs. As promised by me, for the entire year, I have followed the nutritional plan and exercise plan they prescribed for me with no misses.  I can't wait to see my medical report this year! I am hoping for gold stars!  I have really worked hard!!!!! I hope I get the "YOU ARE SO HEALTHY"  award! I guess I better go pack my exercise outfits.  The weeklong Exercise Medical Health program begins!

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