Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stuck In Traffic? No Fear Amelia Is Here!

Hey Everyone! It's Amelia again. My Mom is currently stuck in traffic on her way to help my sister  move from Virginia to North Carolina. So she called me and asked me to fill in as blogger today as she has at least another 6 hours of driving to go. Back here at Yesteryear Acres everything is going well. The puppies have enjoyed the break in the rainy weather we have had recently and played in the sunshine. And today after a much needed run to the grocery store I found myself once again spending the day in the kitchen. Upon request I made more ranger cookies which seemed to once again disappear in a blink of an eye. Then I made coconut macaroons which were eaten with an equal amount of vigor. My dad and brother absolutely love coconut and always tell me to add more. Such as with the coconut macaroons... may I point out that the only thing really holding together a coconut macaroon is.. well.. coconut. And my dad (Mr. Yesteryear Acres) asked if I put enough coconut in. Yes dad I put in the correct amount of coconut! He always replies with "next time you should add more coconut". If you ask me I think he is just trying to get more cookies! Then I started making minestrone soup for tomorrow nights dinner I read that minestrone soup is even better the next day and I want it to be just perfect. I just love minestrone soup and I have been craving for a bowl of it since I left Europe, so I finally decided to try and make it myself! So far so good! The first half of the soup already tastes good to me. I am so excited to have it for dinner tomorrow night. For tonights dinner I am going to make chinese lettuce wraps. Since the cookies are almost all gone I am also going to have to whip up something else for dessert! And who knows maybe a Yesteryear Acres bakery is somewhere in my future! Thank goodness I love cooking!!

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