Friday, July 12, 2013

Kayaking Anyone?

We have had torrential rain EVERY SINGLE DAY for what seems like forever. It isn't your typical summer rain but drenching soaking, the backyard is flooding rain.  I have joked about opening a white water rafting shop right outside our back door.  What is usually a beautiful green backyard has been a current of rushing water lately.  My son almost dropped his keys when he was clearing the culvert and I can tell you - that would have been the end of his keys for several miles!!! Don't you love our "lake"shore view?  I never knew we had waterfront property!
This part of the field flooded in less than 5 minutes

Within 15 minutes the water was above the culvert (which is usually dry).

Kayaking anyone?

It doesn't look like Mr. Yesteryear Acres will have to weed whack the fence line today!

Ahhhh the peaceful vista of a meandering river

Hey - maybe we can go fishing after all!
The forecast calls for absolutely NO rain for the next 5 days......Let's hope so!

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