Monday, July 29, 2013

New Babies!

We have new babies to love!  Our sweet labradoodle Belle has 8 adorable F1b labradoodle puppies that are just so sweet.  She is a great mom and her puppies are so beautiful.  AND our lovely adorable Goldendoodle Eloise is the proud mama of our new little Double Doodle babies.  Both moms are doing a great job taking care of their sweet babies. Enjoy Newborn Puppy Picture Monday!!!
Everyone loves a soft pillow!

Especially a pillow you can hug

 Little F1b Labradoodle Snuggle Buddies

Eloise's Newborn Double Doodles are so new their little noses are still pink

Their pigment will darken in a few more days

Little Heart Pile of Babies

Newborn babies are so sweet!
Happy Monday!

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