Saturday, December 21, 2013

Raincoat #3

Is it just me in thinking that the term "raincoat" would describe a jacket that is impervious to the elements?  I mean when I buy a "raincoat" I am thinking I am buying something that will keep me dry when it is raining.  Today, my theory was proven to be incorrect.  We are in the middle of a deluge.  I mean hard drenching rains.  This morning I was outside quite early taking some doodle doggies and puppies for a walk.  I came back inside soaked.  I mean so soaked the inside of my RAIN jacket was wet.  Time for rain coat #2. The continuing onslaught of torrential rain proved too much for that coat as well.  Sigh........I am now on my last "rain" coat.  I don't think it will hold out much longer.  Maybe...just the time this one gives out, raincoat #1 will be dry!  Then I can start all over again!
Even the Christmas Deer say........Where did this lake come from???????

Poor "Frosty" the rainman.  Look how depressed he is.  
Dear Rain - please stop.  I do not think Santa has room for a rowboat on his sled and if it keeps raining at this rate.....I am going to need an ark!
I miss my snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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