Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not a Dry Eye

Today we had a puppy go home to a very special family.  I have been talking to the family for weeks and they have been keeping the puppy a surprise for their son. I remember when there was still four weeks to go and they wondered how in the world they would be able to keep the secret for so long.  I sent puppy pictures each Monday as I always do and slowly the time ticked away and finally today was the big day. PUPPY DAY! I was waiting in the driveway for their arrival.  I was so excited to be a part of the big surprise.  Their adult son is disabled and a huge animal lover. The family got out of the car and the dad went through the ruse of bringing me the "order" I requested. The son showed me his "puppy".  It was a little stuffed doggie with a bow around his neck.  I then showed their son my puppy.  He said he really liked mine and I said I really liked his.  I asked him if I could hold his puppy and let him know that he could hold mine. He eagerly agreed. He told me my puppy was really really soft and warm.  Then my puppy snuggled in his arms and their son's face lit up with love.  I let him know he could put my puppy down on the ground if he wanted.  He did and the puppy ran around and then ran right back to him so he would pick him back up.  He knew the puppy loved him.  He picked the puppy up and the puppy kissed him.  At that moment, his parents told him the big news.  "That puppy is YOURS! MERRY CHRISTMAS CHAD!!!"  He looked at me for confirmation and I said, "yes, that puppy is your very own puppy."  His eyes watered with joy as he hugged his new puppy and both his parents were overcome with love and joy and so was I.  It was a precious beautiful moment full of pure unconditional love and happiness - from the parents to the son, from the son to the puppy and from the puppy to the son.  I am still a little teary as I write this.  I am so lucky to have been part of such love.  I will never forget all the "Thank yous" I got from their son.  I have to say thank you right back.  Thank you for the joy.  Thank you for the love.  AND thank you for my Christmas cookies.  You brought the spirit of Christmas to our hearts......and to our tummies!  Merry Christmas to Chad and his parents and to ......Richie Rich the new puppy!


  1. How very precious and such an honor for you! Merry Christmas, indeed!

  2. I will return to read this again and again. Thank you for allowing us to peek in on this "Christmas story". Chad is so blessed to have such loving parents and now he has one of the best doggies ever . . . a Yesteryears Acre pup. Again, thank you for this post.

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  4. Jodi Smelko-SchneiderDecember 16, 2013 at 9:05 PM

    Such a sweet story.....what a lucky boy and a lucky puppy to have found eachother. The best Christmas present ever!!


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