Sunday, December 1, 2013

Here and Gone

My Thanksgiving weekend was full of "Here" and "Gone". My refrigerator was full of milk.  We had 12 gallons to start the weekend.  Now the milk is gone. My cabinet was full of clean glasses and within hours.... the clean glasses were gone. So were the clean forks.  Gone.  And the plates. Gone.  And evidently the ability to load the dishwasher - also gone. My candy jars were full of candy.  I had Toffee and Sour Patch Cherries and M&Ms.  Now the candy is gone. The Thanksgiving Turkey was Here - and now gone. The same goes for the rest of our food.  For example....I made a delicious cream cheese coffee cake

ummmmmm Gone
The next day I made Cinnamon Pull Aparts. 
 I said "Here are the delicious pull aparts!"
and then I went to go get my helping

Gone.  In less than 5 minutes - ALL gone
We had a beautiful Thanksgiving Harvest Pumpkin here

And then after target shooting

The couches were full of family and doodles

Even the Yesteryear Acres Dog Bed was full
and now .....gone. 
My girls were here
and now....gone.
I definitely like "Here" better than "Gone"
Guess I will just have to count the day until "Here" comes back again!

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