Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Puppies!

We had so much fun with our Monday Puppy Picture Update. I love winter wonderland puppy pictures. The puppies had fun too!  Here is this Monday's Snow Puppy Picture overload....
Cheyenne's Goldendoodle Puppies say,
"Follow the Leader is even more fun in the snow!"

Can we go on a long snow walk Mr. Yesteryear Acres? Can we?!


1,2,3.... GO!

Last one down the hill is a rotten egg!

Ummmm? Who me?  I wasn't eating the snow!

Round two!


Thanks for the awesome snow walk Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  That was so fun!

Sweet Pea's Puppies are just getting to the "We love snow" stage

They grew a lot this week!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres attempting to get one dozen Sweet Pea puppies in the picture all at once

And then 3 puppies ran off to play

10 Goldendoodle babies.......

11 Goldendoodle Babies.....

One Dozen Goldendoodle Babies! 

That's a wrap!!!!
Happy Snowy Monday!

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