Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Muddy, Two Muddy, Three Muddy Puppies

This morning when I woke up - Yesteryear Acres was still covered in a white blanket of beauty.  The snow sparkled in the sunlight and Yesteryear Acres was a picture perfect Christmas Greeting Card. The puppies had fun with their morning snow romp and all was right with the world.  Then after lunch we went back out to play.  Snow? Snow?  Where is the snow?  Who replaced all my beautiful white snow with gushy goopy mud?  Yesteryear Acres is now a picture perfect Greeting Card for swamp lovers!  Everything is melting and the ground is turning to mud soup!  The puppies went out and destroyed the last sparkles of snow and little apricot puppies were all chocolate.  And not the good kind of chocolate either.  MUD chocolate!  Of course they all thought it was fantastic fun! Look at this! SPLASH! MUD! SPLATTER!  I actually brought a polka-dotted puppy back inside.  She went out cream and came back chocolate chip! I thought the song was I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas.  I never heard the brown muddy version of that song.  Looks like we may have to make a new Christmas carol here.  The forecast for the next few days calls for three inches of RAIN! I guess I better switch our sleds for boats! Time to put the arctic gear aside and make way for the most stylish Yellow Fisherman style rainsuits! One Muddy, Two Muddy, Three Muddy Puppies...........


  1. We were just discussing all the rain coming and the MUD that will result. Our doodle puppy will be a doodly mess his first couple days home, I am sure...

    1. Hopefully SNOW doodle will follow soon! That is so much more fun! AND easier to clean! LOL


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