Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Undone

I think we are finally back to our regularly scheduled normal Yesteryear Acres routine.  The last of the Thanksgiving tables and chairs have been stored. The leftovers have been eaten. The Thanksgiving dishes and tablecloths have been put away. Our dining room look huge now with just one lonely table. Mr. Yesteryear Acres said that now he has room to start stacking up new "I'll get through that tomorrow" piles.  OH NO!  I will have to remind Mr. Yesteryear Acres to keep everything nice and tidy because Christmas is around the corner! So to start off the first Monday of December......Here are this week's puppy picture updates!
Sweet Pea's little Goldendoodle babies are just starting solid foods this week

They will really start to grow now

For today, they are still just tiny little fluffballs 

But this morning, they licked their breakfast plate clean!

Cheyenne's puppies are now professionals at cleaning up their plates

They love their doodle puppy food

And are big enough to start going outside for potty breaks

Happy Monday!

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