Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In and Out

With our little break from the winter weather, the puppies have been enjoying some extra "recess" time outside.  They are to the point now that they get excited when I say, "Do you want to play outside?"  I get a round of applause and tail wags in appreciation.  Nothing beats a good play session outside!  When the puppies come back in the house, they are so tired and zonk out until the next outside break rolls around.  I have gotten my exercise in today just by running the puppies in and out. The puppies aren't the only ones appreciating the warmer weather.  The doodle doggies have been loving it too. Even though it is a bit muddy outside, the hikes in the woods are too fun to pass up.  I feel like we have to make sure to get in all our outdoor fun while the warm weather lasts. I heard Saturday will bring below zero windchills.  I am guessing outside recess will be quick that day!  My son has been busy working outside today as well.  Good thing he has help doing the farm work. Gotta get the work done before the next arctic front hits.....
A farmer's work is never done!

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