Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vacuuming happens

Every Thursday is "Clean the House Thursday" and every Thursday every room in the house gets vacuumed.  The puppy areas get vacuumed daily - sometimes twice daily.  Here at Yesteryear Acres, vacuuming happens.  It can in no way be considered a new and unusual activity.  About a month ago my very tiny doggie Scooter decided that he would defend my son's room against the giant evil vacuum.  Scooter weighs all of five whole pounds.  His defense against the sinister vacuum consists of him crouching down as low as he can get and then barking in his very scary all of five pounds bark. It is quite comical. It is so comical that I didn't stop the new behavior.  It only happens when I vacuum my son's room and of course - a tiny little dog barking at a vacuum is quite funny.  Well today as I was vacuuming my son's room, Scooter started protecting the room as is his usual new routine..."bark...bark....bark" (in a very small tiny doggie voice). I went about vacuuming and chuckling when unbeknownst to me, one of the doodle doggies decided that Scooter needed reinforcements. There I was vacuuming when "ATTACK OF THE VACUUM" happened. "BARK BARK BARK GROWLLLLLLLL POUNCE!" The barking along made me jump out of my skin! Okay. Okay. Game OVER.  The rest of "Clean the House Thursday" was devoted to the doodle doggies sitting politely and quietly whilst the vacuuming happened.  They looked at me as if to say, "This is not the fun game!"  "This is no game at all!" Poor Doodle Doggies. No Vacuum Game for you!

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