Sunday, December 15, 2013


Sometimes my commitment to exercise is quite challenging. I have so many things to do in a day and setting aside time just for me can be difficult.  I have to continually make being physically fit an important priority just to get it done.  First I always have a ton of emails to answer. Even though I often have help........
it does not facilitate getting my work finished in a speedy fashion.  In fact, it takes me even longer because who wants to disturb such an adorable doodle doggie? It is so much nicer to cuddle!  Today once I finally got up to exercise, I found myself surrounded by "helpers".  I had 3 doodle doggies to help me get my workout accomplished.  When I was down on the floor doing chest presses with a weight bar, one doodle doggie jumped on my stomach and stayed there.  Evidently she was making sure I lifted my weights with proper form.  Another doodle doggie proceeded to lick my face in between every press.  Gosh.  I never knew my face was so dirty! It was hard to continue lifting between my face wash and my doodle blanket happening but I persevered.  I pretty much had doggies either on me or beside me for my entire 45 minute workout.  Once I got down to my abdominal crunches - this was my view
Just look how hard they worked out!  It must be exhausting helping me get my workout routine done properly.  Thank goodness I have such awesome helpers!  I don't know how I would ever get my things done without their kind and persistent attention!  Good little doodle helpers!

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